about ARTOS Audio

Music is part of our culture, part of our lives.

Everyone who loves music knows about the wide range of feelings and emotions that can be triggered by music. Music keeps memories alive and gives us those precious moments of luck and satisfaction. It is this love to music which links all the workers in our company to what we create. This common love is always the impetus for all of us to strive for more perfection in speaker design, to overcome all techmological limits and to get closer and closer to an authentic reproduction of music. We know that playing music through a hifi-system -- no matter what quality it is of -- can never substitue attending a concert, because the emotional touch of a live performance is most often lost during the recording session, the mixing procedure in the recording studio, or the following “conservation” on the musical media. Our primary goal when designing our products is, to create tonal balanced and neutral speaker systems, that allows the listener to be as close to the original recording as possible. While the overal performance of our speaker systems are our major focus, we are following a clear line in regard of physical properties and metrologically relevant parameters. The shape of our products is given by the air-flow-optimized properties of the entire construction - form follows function rather than vice versa. The timeless and elegant appearance is a wlcome side effect. ARTOS does not produce mass-market products. All our products are manufactured in painstaking hand work and the attention to detail is visible at a single glance. Traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology are combined in a perfect manner. ARTOS invites you to a musical journey of unheard dynamic, precision and musical involvement. Nothing more, but nothing less...

Sincerely yours

Christoph Kraemer