Rainbow CELL

The Concept

With the new »RAINBOW CELL« ARTOS AUDIO created a great speaker system using an intelligent 6dB crossover design that offer high efficiency combined with perfect phase linearity and very linear impedance behavior. Listening rooms of 20m² and a high-quality amplifier with just 20 Watt output power per channel will allow the Rainbow its full potential.

The Cabinet

The cabinets of the »RAINBOW CELL« are handcrafted by skilled carpenters using our multi-layer construction. The Airflow construction, numerous internal braces and the lute-shaped design minimize the vibrations of the enclosure to an absolute minimum. The CELL-Concept Tweeter and the CELL-Concept Midrange are housed in their own chambers to further improve the soundstage and imaging. The precious and elegant look of the high-gloss real wood veneers confirms the status as an exclusive ARTOS AUDIO loudspeaker.


The »RAINBOW CELL« is the first ARTOS AUDIO speaker system using Accuton CELL-CONCEPT drivers throughout the entire frequency range. The advantages of the CELL-CONCEPT are:
- Same acoustic center for tweeters, midranges and woofers for time coherency in a flat front
- Perfect signal settle and piston behavior of the dome even close to the dome resonance
- Very low distortion - in the magnitude of electronic devices - even at high power levels
Crystal clear highs are obtained by a 25mm ceramic tweeter; optional a 25mm Black-Diamond-Tweeter is available.
The 5” CELL-CONCEPT midrange driver is used over a very large frequency range from 300Hz up to 2.800Hz while three 8” aluminum/ceramic woofers deliver a clean, tight and very deep bass.


As an option, the »RAINBOW CELL EXTENDED« demonstrates our passion for music and our permanent ambition to turn a perfect speaker system to another level. The external crossover allows us to forget the limited space available inside the RAINBOW CELL. Not only better parts made by Mundorf and Duelund find their place in these crossovers, there are NO vibrations from the drivers taking impact on the individual parts. In addition, bi-wiring, tri-wiring, bi-amping and tri-amping are possible.

extended crossover extended crossover
extended crossover