The Concept

Our goal during the design process of the »SUNRISE« was, to create a benchmark product offering “room-friendly” dimensions and an elegant appearance that matches the modern style of living while meeting our high demands in terms of technology and performance. The high efficiency and an unsurpassed linear impedance behavior enable the »SUNRISE« to demonstrate their full potential in small rooms and being driven by a high-quality integrated amplifier with just 15 Watt of output power.

The Cabinet

The cabinets for the »SUNRISE« are built by hand using our multi-layer construction with a massive front baffle and a solid piece of wood for the AirFlow-Panel at the back of the speaker. Internal braces and the lute-shaped design reduce the vibrations of the cabinet to a minimum. Needless to say: the »SUNRISE« follows our AirFlow Concept having no damping materials inside the cabinet, in order to use the internal radiated energy of the drivers instead of absorbing it. The precious and elegant look of the real wood veneers confirms the status as an exclusive ARTOS AUDIO loudspeaker. Up to 20 sheets of veneer are artistically matched and arranged before the high-gloss piano finish - obtained by 10 layers of lacquer - is ground and polished by hand.


The »SUNRISE« is the only 2,5-Way-Design offered by ARTOS AUDIO. The advantage of this design is the high efficiency and the fact that we have been able to minimize the number of parts (and therefore the cost) needed for the crossover. Innovative AIRFLOW and RESONANCE technologies and the best available components have been used by our designers to create a speaker system that combines old world´s craftsmanship with cutting edge engineering. Special designed ceramic drivers systems are supplied by the renowned manufacturer Accuton. For a deep and precise bass reproduction two 7" ceramic woofers and another 7" Midrange-Woofer are used. On top of these, a 1.20" ceramic Tweeter takes care of the high frequency range above 2.500 Hz. Because these drivers are custom made by Accuton to match the behavior of the AirFLow-Cabinet, we have been able to develop a crossover that uses only a few high quality parts from Mundorf in a 6 dB design. The perfect phase linearity and impulse response are the result of this design.

Welcome to the world of ARTOS AUDIO...