News #03 - November 2014


While we have been excited by the excellent performance of our new modell RAINBOW CELL during its design process, we always had an uncomfortable feeling about the look of this speaker. The reason was quite simple: the CELL-technology tweeter and the CELL-technology midrange driver are equipped with a protection grille, while the CELL-technology woofers do not have such a grille. So, if you look at all these drivers, the woofers appear in a shiny white color while the tweeter and the midrange are somehow light grey. And this is not pleasant for trained eyes. The solution was also quite simple: we asked Accuton for graphite-coated drivers.

And bescause we liked the look of these graphite-coated drivers that much, we decidied to use them for all our speaker modells in future - the white drivers are still available in case you prefer them.


News #02 - Oktober 2014

Premiere: Rainbow CELL

The premiere of our newest modell Rainbow CELL took place at the "Westdeutsche HiFi-Tage" on October 4th. & 5th. 2014 in Bonn. On display and audition was the ultimate EXTENDED-Version in an exclusive Padouk-finish.
Not only the appearance, but much more the outstanding sonic performance was greeted with enthusiasm by the visitors.

For the frontend the CD-Transport BDCD-1 and the D/A-Converter Ultra DAC from B.M.C. was used. A stereo-amplifier B.M.C. CS2 was in charge of the high/midrange-section while a pair of B.M.C. M2 mono-amplifiers delivered control and power to the woofer-section.
Out special thanks goes to the organizers of this event: HiFi-Studio Linzbach from Bonn combined with our excitement for the show next year.


News #01 - September 2014

Finally: Duelund

If you have ever attended the design processs of a new loudspeaker, you know that there are countless combinations to put together the various parts in the crossover. Most often, the parts you are looking for are not in stock when needed.
The cabinets are ready, the first drivers are mounted and the basic layout of the crossover is done. That is the moment to make a speaker an ARTOS AUDIO product.
First of all, the drivers that are used need to be modified so that they meet the required parameters of the cabinets in order to minimize the parts needed for the crossover. Easy to say, but this is a very dificult procedure and no supplier is pleased about such tasks. It takes weeks and months!
Finally all things are put in place and it is our goal to look for the best performance available for the design we have so far.

The sonic qualities of the Duelund parts are out of question and these parts are considered to best the best in the world. And exactly these parts should be used in the Rainbow CELL. Again: easy to say, but...
None of the parts we needed had been available at Duelund because we needed parts that are non-standard. We expected a lot, but a delivery time of 12 weeks was more than we have dreamed about...